19 thoughts on “The “Last Choices” Starter Pack

  1. I can’t wait for the one person on Reddit from North Dakota to show up and complain.

  2. French’s ketchup is actually really popular in Canada now. They bought a factory in Leamington, Ontario (the “Tomato Capital of Canada”) that Heinz had decided to close, so many people in the town got to keep their jobs that they would have otherwise lost. Between that and using Canadian tomatoes to make the ketchup, the media picked it up and people went crazy for French’s. The bottle is covered in maple leaves, they really went hard for the patriotic angle.

    I personally like it better than Heinz too.

  3. Based on my experiences in college, Discover is usually the first choice for a CC for students. It’s pretty dang easy to apply for and maintain usage.

  4. Can I just point out that y’all are questioning my putting Waluigi in here, but not the Church of Scientology?

  5. “Dr. Radical”

    Didn’t know that was a choice, but it’s definitely a last choice

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