10 thoughts on “job searching in 2019 starter pack

  1. Must create a unique account with a 12+ digit password with an uppercase letter, a number, and a special symbol.

    100 “personality” questions to determine how subordinate you will be.

    2-3 interviews with multiple managers, assuming you make it past the other 300 people that applied for this cashier position.

    Pays $9.50 an hour

  2. Please upload your resume then fill out this questionnaire where you just manually enter your resume information

  3. “At least 10 job apps every day”

    “So tell me why you wanted to work for us, specifically?”

  4. It’s a numbers game and it gets easier once you land your first big time gig. The recruiters then start bothering you.

    I think the issue with job app sites is how hugely inefficient it is with matching you with employers. HR has to sift through tons of apps using inconsistent sorting methods.

    Getting in the door for an interview is all it takes if you’re a decent fit for an entry level job.

    If you find yourself getting rejected after interviews or phone screens it is definitely okay to ask for feedback. There are so many people I’ve interviewed where I wished they asked for feedback. The end of or right after the interview is the perfect time to ask for candid feedback. It is also the time to immediately address any of the concerns brought up. This is your last chance before your interviewer(s) make the decision to move you forward or not.

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