9 thoughts on “Making plans in a group chat starter pack

  1. You have to have friends to make plans that fail with friends

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  2. I find that just asking my friends to meet up results in people actually meeting up. Then we decide on the activity once were already out & about. Seems to really help.

  3. Nothing quite like it when there ends up being no conversation for about 2 months so you leave the chat and immediately get added back into it.

  4. Msg one person privately to make plans, then send a group message saying “me and <person> are doing <specific thing> at <specific time>, who’s in?”

  5. Make a friend’s place (or your place) “base camp”. Invite people over for game night/birthdays/sporting events/meals…whatever. Have drinks ready. Then, make plans in person when everyone’s around. Seems to work well in my experience.

  6. Seeing some of the people on that group together and having them make excuses as to why they didn’t invite you.

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