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  1. I personally just like to complain and get out the pitchforks. What else am I supposed to do with this pitchfork, as I do not have any bales of hay?

  2. Who’s defending the college cheaters?

    Last I checked, this is being unanimously condemned.

  3. I’ve not heard a single person, conservative or liberal, defend the cheating.

    Are we really going to blatantly lie about an entire political group’s reaction to this, when we ALL fucking agree that it’s bad in the first place?

    Can’t we just agree on one thing without completely and blatantly lying about someone else just to gain political points?

  4. Is anybody fucking sick of the “the same people that say x also believe y” posts? These strawmen tweets pop up everyday and are obnoxious as fuck, go outside and meet people who disagree with you on something instead of making up fake arguments with people you’ve only ever read about online.

  5. I just dont know why this is now a problem like its pretty common knowledge they didnt get accepted cause they were outstanding in class

  6. I like how there’s a lot of 0 point comments… which just makes me think OP is downvoting who they believe is in the wrong lmao

  7. Can someone explain the actual severity of this whole situation? I think it’s fucked from what I’ve read, but how bad is it really?

  8. Both arguments are wrong. Coming here illegally may give ones child a better opportunity but take one away from a citizen, as well as it is wrong to bribe your way into college. These universities shouldn’t even have admissions offices, just a set standard… if you make this GPA… this SAT/ACT score and extracurriculars… the best will float to the top. No more race considerations and no more involvement from sports. I was a TA and found it incredibly frustrating teaching the football and baseball students. Most of them didn’t belong in college based on their aptitude, some of them are great.

  9. Actually I’m pretty sure any sane person would condemn both. WTF kind of straw man is this?

  10. You know, after going to college and graduating, I left knowing a lot about shit I use on a daily basis but not a single bit of it was learned in the classroom. It’s all a scam from the admissions right down to having to select a major to competing with foreign students for acceptance into your selected major to graduating in four years if you switch majors. It’s just a big business bullshit scam that keeps the circle jerk of our economy going.

  11. Name the people and show examples. I fucking hate “the same people who do/believe X are the same that do Y”

    Shut the fuck up with further dividing everyone with your tribalism unless you can actually prove what divisive garbage your spouting.

  12. Looks like I’ll need more popcorn.

    The times in which rich v poor is upon us again

    This isn’t about the haves v have nots

    Rather, everyone should feel they have a chance at “making it” in life

    But when 30 or so people own more wealth than half of all humanity (3 billion) we have this problem.

    The parents aren’t that rich but boy are we working our way up there

    More popcorn please!

  13. I never said that. I am saying that I’m willing to bet that the Majority of the people involved in this scandal probably lean left of the political spectrum and this makes the tweet wrong

  14. Wait how is defending this and being against illegal imigration automatically on the same side?

  15. Lmao why is this news to people? Money buys things??? Damn who would have thought people would pay more if they can afford it. Supply and demand baby. Schools are a business and they want your money. Not saying it’s right but how is anyone surprised? I always assumed it was obviously happening. Like not a secret at all.

  16. I think this is far too simplistic, as tweets usually are. I know people who are against illegal immigration. I believe they generally understand that they’d do the exact same thing in similar circumstances. We all do what we need to do to keep our families safe and fed. But that doesn’t mean that it’s in a country’s best interests to let in unlimited people. Same with the university thing. I may do the exact same thing if I could, but I also understand why the university can’t allow it. And if I get caught, I suffer the consequences.

  17. No, this guy is just shooting for that anti-Trump cred.

    The only ones I have seen saying this crap are elitist celebrities. Th

    Some are sincere and others are just trying to be controversial.

  18. I’ve seen condemnation from all political sides as well as lesser amounts of people saying it’s not bad from both sides…

  19. The same people who say, “Equal opportunity not equal outcomes.” and then vote for people who promise to fuck the “lazy” poor.

  20. You shouldn’t defend college cheaters and I could see where you are coming from with the immigrants cuz they are actually dying but we will probably be fine if we fail a few college tests

  21. Setting aside the reality that few people are actually defending these rich parents, can we all agree to stop doing this? Yes hypocrites exist, but so many people just pull this out of their ass.

    “people who support the rich parents hate immigrants”
    Have you actually heard one person say both? Yes, you’ve probably heard a few people saying one of those things, but how many are actually saying *both*
    Stop connecting imaginary dots with invisible lines

  22. Who made that argument? Guessing no one, the elitist people involved in this mess would be the same ones defending illegal immigration.

    Fuck that virtue signaling is hard. Not surprised this garbage would be on the front page of this sub.

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