30 thoughts on “Such a good boy

  1. I’ve actually met this dog! His talents are impressive and his handler has a bottomless well of poop jokes.

  2. So the dog version of those guys in movies who look at a piece of poop and say things like “Jaguar, female, she was here less than an hour ago”


  3. Dog: *<sniff, snurf>* “Hmm…dodo poop? Maybe woolly mammoth? This is very interesting. Aziz! Light!”

  4. I really needed this, because I’ve been kicking myself for dropping out of medical school lately even though it has been 4 years now. Maybe I can find something comparable to this dog’s newfound purpose of sniffing animal poop to find exotic animals.

  5. This doggo totally upgraded his own working conditions. Would you rather be stuck in an airport or warehouse working all day sniffing luggage or boxes all day, or out roaming free in the wild?

  6. Dog: You got poo? I’ll take a look. Hm..looks like there is pieces of paper and what looks like a piece of a credit card?

  7. “Couldn’t cut it”

    You mean didn’t fucking care because he’s a dog and being rewarded for sniffing poop is like getting a job in your field of study

  8. [80% of drug dog alerts are false positives](https://www.smh.com.au/environment/conservation/sniffer-dogs-get-it-wrong-four-out-of-five-times-20111211-1oprv.html). Let’s not legitimize the idea of drug sniffing dogs because of a cute story. From the actual article the dog failed drug sniffing school because he was too energetic, not because his nose was inaccurate.

  9. Drug sniffing dogs are the most BS thing i have ever heard of. If i am walking down the street and some random dude pointed me out to a cop and said “there are drugs in his bag.” The cop would have no right to search my shit. Illegal search and seizure and all. Like you need evidence. But this dog can do that and we trust him implicitly. Fuck my rights cuz this dog sat down. Even if they are almost always right, they do fuck up sometimes. So just cuz this dog thinks i do. It is absolute BS. Least american thing i could imagine. What if he smells the PB&J in my bag. Now you get to go through my shit. Fuck off.

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