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  1. This is the guy you give your pertaining info to. If you’re missing more than 2 days he will notice.

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  3. “I once worked with a man for three years and never got to know his name. Best friend I ever had. We still never talk sometimes.”
    – Ron Swanson

  4. It was a joke and more as well. No wonder you got emotional. You matter to him and vice versa.

    Edit. On my bus ride home from work I sometimes see a woman get on and go through a ritual of taking out a mystery book to read and arranging her stuff. We have never exchanged a single word, yet I am disappointed when I don’t see her.

  5. This reminds me of the time I was driving in super bad weather (I’m 16 and have my permit) downhill, and it was really slippery and snowing. I was kind of scared to drive in it because this was my first time driving in this type of weather. I could see nothing in front of me, it was all white. But there was this car that I tried to stay close to and I followed his tire tracks in the snow, that way I knew where the road was and which way it was going. I followed him for maybe 10 minutes or more down that road? Then there was a split in the road where you could either keep going left or there was a slight right turn. My mom said “Oh, looks like he’s turning.” And I said “No! My buddy!” Because he was a source of comfort for me to follow him in this bad weather. Turns out, he wasn’t actually turning to the right. He was sliding. I watched him crash into the metal barrier right in front of me. I continued driving for a little bit in complete shock and worry until I could pull over and we got out and ran over to him. Somebody else had also pulled over to help him luckily so we could get home. But the poor dude looked so upset. He wasn’t hurt but the whole front end of his car was completely smashed. 🙁 I felt so bad because he was my buddy for a couple minutes in my head… and obviously seeing a car crash happen right in front of you while you’re just learning to drive is a pretty upsetting sight! I’m so glad he was okay and that I was able to get myself and my mom home safely.

  6. In highschool I took the same express bus every day for 5 years with the same 8 odd people, plus or minus randoms.

    Then I graduated. I think about them a lot

  7. I call these types of people ‘familar strangers’ and sometimes I give them nicknames in my own mind.

  8. The Twitter handle links to a woman that is apparently African American. Fucking white Twitter man

  9. During my first few days of college, I used to feel really alone. I’ve always been a serious introvert so that was a whole thing. We used to walk considerable distances to classes. It used to be about 15 to 20 minutes from one block to another. What I realised was that because we all had a fixed time table, you’d probably see the same faces on your way. Soon I started recognising the people who’d be rushing past me and I realised in my own mind, I just felt weirdly more comfortable.

  10. Some of y’all are a little sinister. Let’s let it be for what it is. A kind gesture! I commute everyday on the L in Chicago and though I don’t know everyone personally. I still look for them, you can tell if someone’s not feeling the best or just not there.
    All it takes is a smile and a “good to see you today” to change someone’s complete day around. Just because someone doesn’t talk to you doesn’t mean they don’t count on you being apart of their day.

  11. Meanwhile, I hate going to the liquor store because women working there recognizes me. I don’t find this story endearing.

  12. THe last time I saw this posted, u/hwarang_ posted [this statement](https://old.reddit.com/r/wholesomememes/comments/8t4rja/just_two_friends_on_a_commute/e14w4jb/) and it always remains in my mind. One of the best statements about community I think I have ever heard.

  13. Reminds me of a similar thing happened to me last summer! The restaurant I work at is in a mall at the bottom of a hill, and I live at the top. I work the same shifts every week, and every Friday at the same time of day when I was walking down the hill for my night shift, this guy was walking up the hill from his shift and we would cross in the middle of the hill. One day I didn’t see him, but then I got to the very bottom of the hill and took a turn, and he was running up in a rush. I looked down at my bare wrist to “check the time” and looked back up at him and we both just started laughing

  14. It’s nice knowing that someone out there knows you exist, enough to notice your disappearance. Especially when you’ve never spoken.

  15. I remember back when I first started kindergarten, my older brother would walk me to my classroom door every single morning, he’d give me a hug, wish me a good day, and tell me he loves me before heading to his classes with the older kids. It was our brotherly routine.

    Then one day he got distracted with buddies on the bus, and forgot to do our morning routine – so I waited outside my classroom door, crying, until my teacher came to see what’s wrong. Rather than telling me to stop crying or ‘man-up’ she told me to wait there – she paged my brothers teacher to send him down, and as he walked down the hall she said *”I think you forgot something this morning.”*

    I got my hugs that day after all. I remember feeling stupid for crying about it, feeling bad for inconveniencing everyone like that – but looking back on it? I’m really glad I had him for a brother.

  16. This actually happens on every commuter train into NYC. And many of the riders will celebrate the Friday ride home together.

    It happened before 9/11. But after it was like a standard thing for people to speak up and take care of each other.

  17. I love situations like this. I get emotional if the car I unofficially am traveling with exits.

  18. Da Faq? Haven’t experienced Deja Vu in a while, I’ve heard of nearly the exact same story posted before on Reddit a few years back.

  19. This reminds me of my drive to work. There’s always ‘regulars’ or people that I see nearly every day like clockwork. I have given them names in my head like ‘Lady with Tartan Coat’, ‘Short-haired Mum with Son’, ‘Chanel Bag Girl’, ‘Dog man with Alsatian’, ‘Dog Woman with Staffies’ and ‘Builder Waiting for Pickup’. Some I see everyday, others maybe once or twice a week. Usually I play a little game to cheer myself up on the way to work. It’s very simple; if I see three of my regulars, my day will be Good. But there is one regular for three points alone, the elusive ‘Duckbutt Hair Kid’. I used to see him walk to school everyday. Some days he would be alone but one day he was with a friend and I would feel good because it was clear he had just started secondary school and that could be hard for him so I was glad to see him make friends. But one day last October I stopped seeing him. I always worried in case something happened to him and think fondly of our crossed paths.

    Two weeks ago on an unusually warm March morning, I see a familiar head of hair in the distance. It was him. I got so unnaturally excited over this small thing that I was whooping with excitement and physically pointing at the Duckbutt Kid. I figure he started getting lifts to school from his parents when the weather was cold and I was happy he was being looked after at home. Or so I tell myself. I’m pretty sure he saw me staring and pointing at him. Maybe he doesn’t go that way anymore because of the crazy lady in the black car who passes every day.

  20. People can be so sweet!! In my math class in high school I didn’t know anyone or talk to anyone. One time, I missed almost a week of school because I was sick and when I came back this girl who sat next to me asked me if I was okay and said she was glad I was feeling better. It made my day.

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