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  1. Better idea: put the dads in a room where it’s two way glass and they just have to watch kids turn the thermostat up as they like.

  2. This would honestly be the ultimate roast platform for dads. I can’t imagine anything more scathing to a dad than being told that their thermostat setting is wrong.

  3. We live in Florida and my mother-in-law tries to keep the house at 69F at night during the summer and complains to my wife so much sometimes she gives in and lowers it without me knowing. My five-year old is almost old enough to check the thermostat on his light check missions where I send him to check the pantry, closet, and laundry room lights. Those are the points my wife and mother-in-law like to strike in their never ending quest to jack up our electricity bill.

  4. I don’t get it. Is it that dads are physically more comfortable in colder temperatures (meaning that they’d turn on the air conditioning in the winter to make the room 20°colder than the outside) or that they see using either the heater or AC to change the natural ambient temperature as a huge waste of money?

  5. The extra challenge would be to post the whole schedule and comment if having it hotter or cooler at night is right direction…

  6. The most annoying thing is coming home, thinking “fucking hell it is hot in here” turning the thermostat right down *and nobody notices*. Why have it so high! It is not even like I am making people suffer to save a few quid.

  7. Me: dad, it’s cold!

    Dad: are you wearing socks?


    Dad: are you wearing long sleeves?


    Dad: and you wonder why your cold…

  8. Our thermostat is 64° year round… meaning I’m freezing in the winter, and slightly chilly in the summer.

  9. Hot or not was a website in the late 90s/early 00s where you would post your pic and people would rate you anonymously. Is it still a thing?

  10. Fun fact- If you turn up the thermostat to 27 degrees Celsius while your dad is away for the weekend and don’t put it back to normal before he comes back, he doesn’t like it.

  11. If it’s below 76 F my dad will literally come for you. 😭 growing up with the FL summers and a dad that hated AC was a nightmare omgggggg lmao

  12. I made the mistake of turning my husband into a dad. Now he is all about the thermostat and enjoys wrapping our windows in Saran Wrap in the winter and wants to make some sort of solar powered heat source in our backyard 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. [Word cloud out of all the comments.](https://i.imgur.com/phLfirN.png)

    Fun bot to vizualize how conversations go on reddit. Enjoy

  14. Site stipulations.

    Approximate lat. and long. of house , build/ type of house (earth ship, bungalow , depth/height of lowermost-highest most room, et c.) Time of year (expected weather) and the type of air system for heating/cooling (true cost factors will come into play).

    Bonus point for posting types of windows, insulation (seasonal or permanent) and self reports of weather.

  15. I just drank a milkshake and I was sitting here freezing my ass off but it’s 50 degrees outside so I wasn’t turning that fucker past 67. Then my wife bumped it up a degree because she was cold. I will accept this today.

  16. Brain implant meg, every father’s got one. Lets us know when the children are messin with the dial.

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