25 thoughts on “The good old days

  1. Me: *playing Mario Kart or whatever all day*

    My mom: *Please* go be unsupervised for several hours. Go make friends with kids I don’t know. For the love of God get out of the house

  2. A friend had the cops called on her because her grade school kids were playing in the front yard unattended.

  3. Some of my earliest memories are just wandering my neighborhoods. When I was 5 my mom had a 3-year-old and newborn twins to deal with so I just sort of did my own thing. I’d hit up the little stretch of woods down the street, walk to downtown and walk the main street. I was incredibly independent. By the time I was 9 I was regularly walking 6-10 miles a day, sometimes I’d walk to my grandpas house 3 miles away for the hell of it. Sometimes I’d walk the 5 miles to the beach at Lake Michigan and just spend the day on the dunes, my only meal for 6+ hours at a time a swiss cake roll I scrounged up the change to buy at the gas station.

    I’ve tried to give some of that freedom to my kids as they grow up. Not the same, because my “freedom” was ridiculous, but some. Yet still I get nervous when my 12-year-old is out with his friends for several hours… but I think that’s mostly because I remember what I was doing with my friends at 12.

  4. This type of parenting had to stop because history tells us it leads children into the Upside Down and subjects us all to attacks from the demigorgons.

  5. Any time I talk about stuff like this I get the usual response that “Well it’s so much more dangerous for kids these days,” and I have always been extremely skeptical of this claim. I know for a fact that crime has been on the downtrend for the past thirty years, but has the incidents of child-related crimes gone up? (kidnapping, idk child murders, etc). I just find it very hard to believe that a bunch of pedophiles have come out of the woodworks over the past couple years to just kidnap any wayward child they might happen upon.

  6. Yep, getting all the bad news stories nationally at your fingertips instead of only the ones that happened in close proximity to you. Makes you think danger is much more real than it is.

  7. Spot on. It’s OUR fault, you know. I don’t know how a generation that was raised like free range cattle turned so over protective. Of all of my friends I had, by far, the least parental structure, and am now, by far, the most over protective of my kids. What’s wrong with me?

  8. I literally spent most of my summer days in an old disused brick quarry.

    Older kids had made a cool bike track with jumps, there was a huge tree house in the woods behind, an old building that was smashed to shit and covered in graffiti, a couple of people had died there from getting stuck in the clay in the lakes. One year it froze over, so me and my two mates went running over the lakes, until James slipped over and a huge crack appeared in the ice. In the summer time you could make out the tops of old burnt out Ford escorts that had been dumped.

    Fond memories

  9. When I was a kid you could have a fight with other kids and you handled it your self. No one ratted cause all of us were more afraid of our parents. Now I feel like anytime anyone gets into a fight police and parents get called you get expelled from the community and kicked out of school.

  10. I climbed on top of a schoolbuilding and jumped into the sandbox a couple times.


    That’s great honey.

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  12. As a woman that grew up with two older brothers in the 90s, my experience was that my brothers received the latter treatment while I was subject to the former all the time.

    My brothers did whatever they wanted. I had to tell my parents where I was going, call when I got there, had a curfew, and to make sure I had a plan for getting home before I even went out.

    This was the sole reason I applied to college far away that forced me to move out. Just a suggestion to parents, try not to be too overbearing, kids will rebel.

  13. Parenting has become a way bigger deal than it used to be. Like just let your kid have fun and prevent them from worrying. They won’t learn to be independent from you doing everything for them. What will happen when the parents are gone and the kid is left all alone.

  14. I love when I saw something on Twitter and I see it later here cause it gives a second chance to save it lol

  15. I loved growing up in the 80s and 90s. When I was a kid, maybe 5 or 6, I would just walk to one of the neighbors. They were nice old ladies that would give me candy and make me toast. My parents would call around and find where I was, or they would call and let them know I was there. Then when I was older, me and all the kids from the neighborhood would play outside all summer, or go to one of our houses to play video games, build legos, that kind of stuff. Sometimes we would play sports, ride our bikes around wherever, dig holes, burn random objects, so long as we were home when the sun was going down, so long as we said where we were going before we left. Then in highschool, I got an old shitty car and would cruise around, I had to pick my sister up from school and she and like 6 other people would pile in and the car would barely get going. I would go on dates, or hang out with friends until late at night. I had a couple girlfriends and my dad let us be in my room with the door closed. I would stay up late at home on the PC making music, jerking off, or playing games. If you made good grades, my parents just let it go. I worked summers and the last two years of highschool, so I left at noon. I had built up enough credits to do that. Having money at 16, 17, 18 was awesome. The weekends were a blast, although few places were open to us, we found stuff to do out in the undeveloped areas west of town. Taking LSD and ecstacy, smoking some weed, hanging out.

    Everything changed after 9/11. I had graduated in 2000. My sister was still in school then. Everything changed overnight. America was suddenly scared of it’s own shadow.

  16. I’m surprised i’m even still alive with all the freedom I had back in the 90s. 11 year old me use to hop on the train that ran through our town everyday. One time I stayed on a little too long and then jumped off half way over the train bridge that went over the river with atleast an 80 foot fall. Had about 3 feet of wood to chill on til the train passed and I could walk back.

  17. People basically decided that their upbringings were on a par with Oliver Twist and as such would be cool parents and let their kids do what they want and have what they want. This inherent self-loathing has led to a whole generation of fucked up kids who are allergic to everything and fat.

  18. There’s this great bit in Flight of the Navigator where the mum wants the older brother to watch the younger brother and he replies with something like ‘he’ll be fine mom, he’s 9 years old!’

  19. Growing up in South Florida during the disappearance of Adam Walsh, I am terrified to let my kids go anywhere.

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