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  1. Entertainment used to be going and watching an actual person being hung, drawn and quartered, and possibly beheaded and disemboweled.

  2. Fun fact: most of the women convicted of witchcraft weren’t actually burned at the stake, but instead were hanged.

  3. I love how this comment insinuates that we somehow stopped burning witches hundreds of years ago. The last witch killed in Ireland was burned in 1895, and I’ll bet it still happens every so often in some places around the world.

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  5. Religion is poison more people are killed over that shit than any other reason.

    A shared god but we fucking are evil creatures that cannot be wrong so our interpretation of being good is what causes us to kill others.

    Look at the planet, change my mind.

    Let’s not kill babies = bans abortion for rape or incest

    Babies kill babies with guns = thoughts and prayers…..

    Yeah we are fucked.

  6. And now I have violent video games and have burned exactly zero people alive, or killed anyone at all. Violent video games: making our children more non-violent?

  7. Watch violent movies, OMG it’s amazing!

    Kid play violent games, OMG my kid is gonna be a serial killer!

  8. Entertainment in Saudi Arabia is going as to the town square to stone someone to death. Fun for the whole family.

    This is in this century. In this decade. Probably even this year.

    Humans are barely out of the jungle. Despite smartphones, air conditioning, the fruit roll-up, and walking on the moon, nature has a way of reminding us of how savage we really are.

  9. What if they actually were witches and the reason there aren’t any witches today is we killed them all?

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  11. And people used to line up in huge crowds to see executions, whether it be by fire, hanging, beheading or whatever other twisted method they used. It used to be their form of late night entertainment. Their video games so to speak. Didn’t turn them into mass murderers either even if it was messed up.

  12. What if they really were witches and the people who burned them were correct but nobody alive now believes it and they saved humanity from a witch problem and we look down on them for it.

  13. My psychology teacher really tried telling us that video games make us more violent now but if you take one look at history you’ll see we’re better than our ancestors

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