20 thoughts on “Service Unmatched

  1. So, we know a milkshake can’t heal your heart, but, let’s be honest, it helps ** just a little.**

    Seriously, good on her. Hope you are doing much better!

  2. Do they make good money? Or decent money? Ive only been a couple times, but the politeness reminds me of in and out. They don’t seem pissed and cranky like nearly every other fast food place

  3. Hell naw that far right Christian hootinanny def charged em. Don’t y’all pretend for a second they give out anything free, except maybe the smallest nuggets as samples at the mall.

  4. They refused to serve my gay friend and told him he would burn in hell but it was their pleasure

  5. except they’re homophobic as fuck! i hate seeing memes about how great chic fil a service is. they support hatred and bigotry. shut up

  6. The workers make like twice minimum wage, they have a reason to be happy, and good reason to share it.

  7. Yes, and how can we milk more mo- MILK! You want MILK, NO! YOU NEED MILKshake.


    Now let me kindly milk that $$$ from you

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