8 thoughts on “Hilda is the best mum!

  1. Hilda: “Fine, go drown you idiots!”
    *gets new baby ducks*
    “I love you! Don’t go in the wat- oh fuck me!”

  2. I’m doing a bunch of family tree research at the moment and found the digital archives of the newspapers in which my great-grandfather was mentioned frequently (he was a storekeeper and involved in lots of local societies).

    I found an article about his brother in which said brother had a drake that wouldn’t do anything but sit around, so he sat it on a nest of hens eggs. The drake sat on the eggs for three days until they hatched as baby chicks.

    My great-great uncle had also made it very clear to the reporter that the drake was indeed male.

    The story was front-page news.

  3. My chicken one day sat on a nest of abandoned duck eggs and wouldnt come out of the hut it was in. We were sure all the eggs were rotten and after a week decided to remove the chicken and discard the eggs. Well, wouldnt you know when we went to move the chicken it darted away and a single baby duck quickly followed it out peeping for its mother chicken. The rest were indeed rotten, but she saved that one good egg. I ended up naming him Chuck, since he was the chicken’s duck.

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