29 thoughts on “Start the wedding planning

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  2. Meanwhile I fell asleep in sophomore year ecology with my eyes rolled back in my head and the teacher said “are you ok” in front of the class

  3. I remember seeing this in a “nice guy” post. It’s nice to see the cringe separated from the wholesome!

  4. Last time I slept in class was like..few years ago. When I wake up, I realize that I’m not on the class, I was on this snowy, cold, pine forest, on a cart. Then a weird guy looked at me and say :

    “Hey, you finally awake”

    Never again

  5. It was just that one year, but thanks lol. It was first and second period ecology and in the winter I’d be so tired I could fall over but I stay awake much better now!👍
    EDIT: Honest mistake, thanks for understanding everybody lol

  6. Clicker? I mean, I can guess what it is but how widespread is the use of something like this? Is it for multiple choice qns? In exams? Like, it seems such a shitty way of teaching people. (European here)

  7. Clicker? Have college lectures become a series of multiple choice questions in the last 10 years?

  8. Wow. Someone stole my calculator from my desk in calc when I fell asleep. One of those $100+ ones. Luckily someone saw him and he told them I was friends and he was borrowing it. So when I woke up and was confused/mad they told me. Of course the guy left lecture early but next class I got it back. It didn’t help his case that my name was sharpied on the back and he didn’t even try to erase it. He then said he was afraid someone would take it so was holding on to it for me….
    And too top it off he asked to cheat of my test a few weeks later. I said I guess… did the work on a paper, filled out my scranton so he could see it and as he turned his in I pulled out another one and put all the correct answers.

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