Wholesome girlfriend

Wholesome Meme about Wholesome girlfriend

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  2. Yep, gr8, haha no I’m not crying myself to sleep alone every night, hahahahaha why would you assume that ? Haha HAHAHA

  3. i do the same for my girlfriend. sometimes when she’s upset she has the tendency to “stay upset” instead of moving on. A nice hug usually cools her off 🙂

  4. True selflessness. We all need to be like this! Pay attention & show love to your family, friends, and strangers. There’s a bigger picture out there. Spread more love!

  5. Hug is a powerful thing. My girlfriend demands a hug when shes sad/grumpy/unhappy. And she feels a lot better emotionally after that.

  6. No excuse for lying. Drop her OP. If she isn’t being honest with hugs what else isn’t she being honest with. Hit the lawyer, gym up.

  7. For some reason this reminds me of the “you’re in danger meme” and I don’t know why

  8. This is my girlfriend! You guys are too cute, she’s blushing so hard at all your wholesomeness ❤❤❤❤

  9. Don’t make me feel things when I know I’m sleeping alone tonight

  10. http://66.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m86v7gEOTt1r3i7aho3_250.gif

  11. What a roller coaster! I almost whipped out my pitchfork!

  12. What kind of 24 year old would want to date a 19 year old? I get that reddit is big into defending age differences but that’s the difference between a college grad and a fresh out of hs/freshman college student… just seems weird to me

  13. Still a better love story than twilight

  14. You have a really good person to be in your side

  15. If your’e in love you shouldn’t keep secrets from her. It’s time to dump her. /s

  16. I haven’t been hugged since i was 24 yrs old. I’m 32 now..

  17. What a liar. She shouldn’t be your girlfriend.

    She should be your wife.

  18. I’m sure that /r/relationship_advice told them to break up anyway. Can’t ignore those red flags, man.

  19. This is obviously made up. A man would never pause his game…

  20. It looks like the sub is /r/Relationship_Advice i assume the responses were unironically “break up with her if she willing to lie even about this she lying about other stuff too”. That sub is a cesspool

  21. I bet all those comments telling him to leave the relationship right now

  22. Sorry but relationships built on lies are doomed. Better dump her.
    Unrelated note, can I gave her number?

  23. What disturbed me is that he paused a game. Is that even possible to pause a game nowadays.

  24. I read the title and automatically thought, “this fucking lying bitch is cheating!” Hehe glad she turned out to be a keeper

  25. After getting into a car accident with my boyfriend, we were walking around a store and he kept asking me if I wanted a hug. I said no because I knew I would just start crying. After a few minutes he told me *he* needed a hug and I melted. I hugged that sweet man so hard.

  26. The fact he was listening to her AND paused his game AND ask her for more details..

    Was the wholesomeness for me.

    Lol I have relationship PTSD

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