This cat loves a cuddle

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  2. My oldest son has some emotional challenges (just going with that phrase today). He was throwing a big fit one day when he was 8 and he can get violent at times. He was in the hallway just sobbing. His two year old brother saw him and ran down the hall to his room and got one the two year olds cherished burb rags (the 2 year old never really liked stuffed animals to cuddle, he liked burp rags).

    The two year old tried giving his older brother his burp rag but big brother wouldn’t take it. Despite being yelled at by big brother the 2 year old layed the burp rag on his big brother’s back. He then sprinted into big brother’s room (a risky thing to do) and raced out with big brother’s favorite blanket. He put the blanket on big brother’s back and then just plopped down behind his big brother and leaned into his back… and just sat.

    He was gonna sit with him until things were better.

    It was so adorable. Even his big brother had trouble staying mad.

  3. I feel like the cat hates it but is doing it anyway lol

  4. I had a similar story where my dog was scared of thunder so my cat went up to him and started smacking him in his face to remind him that the threat isn’t out side, but in here with him. My dogs a pitbull, my cat was born with a defect making her much smaller than most cats.

  5. My cat stole my dog’s hamburger when my dog was dying

  6. I think the cat enjoys the warmth and fear emanating from the pupper. Be careful

  7. Calling BS. If a dog is afraid of fireworks it’s doesn’t just curl up as if it was sleeping. It cannot relax even with whatever comfort you give it.

  8. I dont know how cake day work, when is my cake day?

  9. Probable reality: The dog was shaking with fear creating a lot of heat and friction and the cat cuddled up because cats love hot boyes(look up; laptop, engine bay, fireplace)

  10. That red glow makes it look like the fireworks are inside

  11. Get some trazadone from your vet. We give our dog one on the 4th and on New Years!

  12. I think the cat was trapping the dog so if it got even more scared it couldn’t move

  13. Read this as “This cats in the cradle” because beer.

  14. I went over to a friend’s house after my boyfriend dumped me, and my friend’s cat had never really paid attention to me, but that night I slept on their couch with the cat snuggled up on me. I can’t help but think she could sense my heartbreak and was trying to comfort me. It made me cry (you know, again).

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