25 thoughts on “Wholesome gynaecologist mom

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  2. Well, atleast the woman can rest assured knowing she completely understands exactly what she’s going through right now

  3. My cousin’s wife is an OBGYN, and both times she gave birth we all had to constantly remind her “stop working!” as she asked to read all her own charts and info.

  4. This woman is the most badass person I‘ve ever seen. Damn I‘d fear her if she hadn‘t had such a kind heart 🙂

  5. > Oh please you think you have it hard? I helped deliver a baby while delivering you.

    This child is going to hear about this for the rest of its life.

  6. Speaking as a recently first time father. I thank god every day for our “gyno “. We had to have an emergency c-section and all I can say is that I have never put so much faith in anyone much less this young woman I had barely met. As she walked past me into the operating room I looked her dead in the eyes and gave her a fist bump. Without breaking stride she bumped me back and went in and did her business. I may never respect anyone more than I respected her in that moment. Sorry for the rant and also for the misogyny but I want to be honest.

  7. Fun fact: I have four children, and on only one occasion was a doctor present for the delivery (and only showed up halfway through).

    On one occasion I had the awesome experience of delivering my girl myself in our car. Luckily nothing went wrong, so it’s just a great fun story to tell.

  8. Alternative headline: “health care system so broken in USA that patients at hospital forced to treat each other while waiting for over worked health care professionals to arrive.”

  9. That’s a bad ass right there , that kid is never going to near the end of this story when he grows up

  10. “Just breath and push, it’s ok I literally just did this so I’m prepared for anything.”

  11. Not to put down anyone but doesn’t this reflect a lack of preparedness on the hospital? Shouldn’t midwives be allowed to manage normal deliveries? Why is the OB GYN on duty when she’s in labour?

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