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  2. That’s why I always Main support characters.

    ” Hello sir, I see you doing some proficient murdering. Allow me to re-equip you with bullets and put a band aid on your owie. Keep up the great work”

  3. I love this, everyone deserves to do what they love to do. I used to sing quite regularly until my family kept telling me to shut up because I was being loud. I don’t anymore and I really miss it because it was good for cheering myself up on crappy days. Please don’t let anyone put out your fire because it’s hard to get it back

  4. What I love most is that there is a spelling mistake in here and it just adds to the whole feeling of self awareness and acceptance.

  5. Absolutely people always ask me why I play video games on easy and use mods and cheats (not multiplayer just solo) and I reply that is how I enjoy it. I don’t like challenge never have, I like to win but I don’t like competition. Which means I am not competitive

  6. This is me playing Just Dance even though I’m a dyspraxic librarian with no sense of rhythm :p

  7. While wholesome I’d never tell it to my child. People are severely ignorant to the power of consistency and practice. If you suck, it’s because you have less time invested in the task than other people. Talent is more or less ones ability to be consistent and develop a skill. Some people learn tasks faster with less time. This is intelligence. That’s derived from genetic makeup, and how well your developmental cycle went. This is generally irrelevant. If you want something you work for it, hard work builds character, good character is priceless. Don’t be content, always strive for greatness, you can either be good at lots of things, amazing at a few thing, or have absolute master at one thing. Enjoy yourself at all levels of your ability but never settle for anything less than greatness. Understand where you are, and focus on how you can be better and enjoy the journey to greatness.

  8. My kids are always asking me to play minecraft minigames? microgames? because of how bad I am at it. It’s always a combination of laughing and yelling me instructions. My youngest (7yo) has taken it upon herself to coach and encourage me, lol. She’s like, “good job! You got 4 points this time! Let’s try for 6 next time.” She’s also no longer considered to be “the worst” minecraft player in the house by her older siblings.

    I play survival with my other daughter sometimes. Let me tell ya, it’s weird being babysat by a 10yo. She always makes sure to keep me in sight, tells me not to wander off, and builds bridges with siderails before allowing me to cross. 🤣 God I love them.

    Edit: wonder to wander

  9. Unless your a terrible person when it comes to criticism then don’t go on America’s got talent idiot.

  10. I agree that you don’t have to be goodat something to love it, but there should be some things in your life that you keep striving and pushing yourself to be better at, no matter how hard it is. Calm seas never made good sailors.

  11. But I like playing on normal you get more into it and you forget about sad stuff for a few hours

  12. Other than the GIFs and memes I occasionally post shitty drawings with (I hope) somewhat funny jokes/messages. It makes feel good. 🙂

  13. In some games, the diffidence between easy in hard is more in progress speed than difficulty anyways.

    Example: In farming simulator, easy mode means that things you sell make more money, while things you buy cost you less, what really just means you can expand earlier.

  14. Honestly yeah. I’ve been skateboarding since I was a teenager. I have never been good at it, but fuck me do I love it <3

  15. I don’t know when I realized this, but I can only say it’s true.

    Something I would add (or maybe just clarify) is that comparing how good you are at any of this stuff to someone else’s ability (even your friends!) is only a road to sadness.

  16. I cannot. It is not within my being to be able to do those things. That courage does not exist.

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