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  2. Anyone else get thrown off by “he starts to open up a but”

    I thought it was going to take a turn.

  3. If this guy is still out there, I hope he knows this whole subreddit would love to join him for dinner.

  4. I used to be a stripper and I had this one regular that I got very close with. Really great guy, he’s a desert storm veteran and now has a very good job, great family, and is still built like a brick shit house lol. We never did anything dirty, we’d just sit together when it was slow and drink and cuddle and talk about our lives. Once in a blue moon he’d take me for a lap dance, and even then we’d usually just cuddle and talk but I was naked now lol. This one time after we had been drinking a lot he took me for a dance and started to open up about some very private stuff related to when he served. And suddenly this huge tough guy breaks down right in front of me and just falls apart. I just hugged him and listened, telling him it’s all okay now, though from what he talked about and the haunted look in his eyes it definitely wasn’t for him. Eventually I managed to snap him out of this bad headspace and hung out with him the rest of the night, making sure to tell him often that he’s loved and everything is okay now.

    We still talk and even though we have a big age difference he’s one of my closest friends ❤️

    The look in his eyes in that moment though is something I’ll never forget.

  5. Another damn fine reason to destigmatize the sex/companionship industry.

    I seriously cannot see why this shouldn’t be a service available for those who are grieving.

    Good on this lady if the story is real.

  6. This is a very common motivation for clients in the sex industry. I’ve worked in clubs for over a decade, many of our best customers are widowers. It’s not always about a sexual experience, it’s often simply about being able to be vulnerable with a woman again.

  7. Had a guy come in because he and his wife were arguing, he hadn’t been in a strip club in years (he wasn’t lying). Talked to him, he started crying, hugged him until he calmed down. Paid well and left. Felt sorry for him honestly, you could tell he was in love with her. I love men like that, it reminds us that not all men are pigs (Sorry been dancing for far too long.)

  8. Dated a girl who worked as a cam girl, the amount of men who paid just to have someone to chat with was considerable. Some nights she didn’t even have to get naked.

  9. Awwe! I love the twist! Makes you believe in humanity again! Then again it makes me sad for the man that he doesn’t have anyone to cook for!

  10. I hope they became friends after and she’d go have dinner with him sometimes. That’s just a wish of mine, though. xP

  11. Damn that’s a gut punch in the feels. I’d be lost without my SO.. brb while I go hold her now

  12. Studies I’ve seen as well as anecdotal evidence (one of my best friends is a sex worker), about 1/3 to 1/2 of all escort encounters don’t end up involving any sex.

    And that seems all right to me. Physical touch is important, but so is this stuff.

  13. “Wholesome” seems to have a new meaning these days. This is a moving and sad story. The judgement that it is “wholesome” seems to be more self-congratulatory, right? It’s wholesome that we, as readers, can feel something about this old man? But that’s just empathy. Packaging this up as wholesome is weird — I have no problem with sex workers, except in as much as they are under-protected, but that this old man needs to hire someone to eat his food, that in this story a friendly relationship is replaced with a cash transaction, is not wholesome. It’s an indictment of society. It shows how sex work consists of a lot of therapy work and yet many people still denigrate sex workers very casually. We do need a society with more empathy and we should practice feeling love for strangers but let’s try to do a better job of picking issues apart than stamping everything “wholesome”.

  14. [Word cloud out of all the comments.](https://i.imgur.com/OaaN4LK.png)

    Fun bot to vizualize how conversations go on reddit. Enjoy

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