33 thoughts on “Inclement weather

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  2. “We can sit on most animals”

    Its true! The cuter the better! I’m on a chipmunk right now!

  3. Is this the first time we’ve seen them wear shoes? Do they normally wear shoes or are they his horse riding shoes. I have so many shoe related questions

  4. On horse names:

    So, came to Glasgow for Uni; was at the pub with a couple of friends, This Malaysian Guy, a Singaporean Guy, and me (Singaporean with a Malaysian Father).

    Horse races were on that evening, one of the horses was named “Malaysian Boleh” (Number 7 that race I think). Laughed about that and told my Malaysian pal when he got back from the Toilet.

    This old Scot approaches us and asks if we’re from Malaysia, apparently his father was a (rubber, the major export of the Malaya) plantation overseer during the pre-independence and early independence years of Malaysia. We had a nice chat with him for about an hour.

  5. mf’s talkin bout sitting in rabbits and cocks n shit, all i ever do is sit on my ass

  6. One of my favourite bands (The Wall-flaps) did a song called Sit-runners On The Inclement Weather, it was indeed marvellous.

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