49 thoughts on “The highest form of praise

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  2. I am completely in love with WTWTA. I’m going to send the book to my boyfriends sister who just had her first baby! This is one of my favorite little quotes about Sendak 🖤

  3. My son drew me a picture once when he was little and it was just squiggly toddler nonsense but I told him I loved it so much(I did) and that I was going to keep it somewhere safe. I ate it and told him now I’d have it forever no matter what.

    Fortunately he knew nothing about our digestive systems.

  4. Maurice Sendak was life partners with my cousin Eugene. It’s one of my favourite family facts.

  5. He like, that page?
    Oh shit he ate it.
    He saw it.
    He love it.
    Oh shit.
    He ate it.

    Edit: grammar

  6. He read Francis dolarhyde’s book “your becoming: a guide to eating pictures you love”

  7. [Maurice Sendak also had a very funny endorsement for Stephen Colbert’s book I Am A Pole(and so can you)](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Am_a_Pole_(And_So_Can_You!)#/media/File%3AI_Am_A_Pole_(And_So_Can_You!)_cover.jpg)

  8. That’s it- I know what I must do. I will eat a drawing of Maurice Sendak every day until Maurice Sendak eats a drawing of me..

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