33 thoughts on “This is how people from different religions should treat each other

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  2. As Mr Rogers said, always look for the people who are helping. When something horrible like this happens, there are always people who try to help

  3. we need more positive examples of religion out there

    Edit: I am disgusted by some of the comments on mine so i think i need to clarify, i myself am not religious but I know people who are. These are people who do the best they can for their community by giving to the less fortunate and respecting peoples right to hold different views from theirs. i’m saying we need more people like them and the media needs to do better to show us they are out there.

  4. As much as I dislike religion in general, the vast majority of people who practice it are wonderful. Shame that a few asshole’s have to make the rest look bad.

  5. I will never understand why people think they are superior above the other because at the end of the day- Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship the same God. As a Muslim I acknowledge that Jesus Christ is a prophet, just don’t agree with the view that he is the son of God. That doesn’t mean I believe Prophet Mohammed is superior to Jesus.


    When it is my religious events, my Christian friends congratulate me or wish me the best, and the same when it is Christmas I sent out Christmas cards to my Christian friends.


    I just don’t have Jewish friends, as I don’t know any.


    The thing is, unfortunately some worshippers of all religions feel they have to attack someone for no good reason. I am always happy to see when one supports the other such as in the picture OP shows.



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    Edit: I mean it please stop spending your money on me! You guys are great and I wish I could give all of the comments a platinum back, even those that tell me to fuck myself. I can’t unfortunately fuck myself, as that is against my religion. But thank you!!

  6. The fact that they felt the need to protect/be protected is evidence of a larger problem…

  7. This is great. Both religions have the same core values of love and kindness so it never makes sense to fight. This just proves that.

  8. Religious people can be amazing and never cease to amaze me with the good they often do.

    Religions, as organizations, unfortunately, are mostly agenda-driven and contribute to division rather than unity. They need to point out how certain people are “bad” to justify their specialness.

  9. If you are someone who thinks violence is the answer and use you religion as an excuse to implement violence, I’ve got news for you…..you’ve grossly misinterpreted your “God’s” view.

    Those that are protecting each other regardless of their religion have actually comprehended their respective “words” within their sacred texts.

  10. Got me right in the feels! This is 100% how I feel most religious people feel about others, it’s that small percentage of morons that make it bad. Mostly we all want to live in peace and help our fellow brothers/sisters.

  11. While I think both are wrong in what they believe, I would never want to take away their right to practice their religion peacefully.

    Glad to see images like this.

  12. At the end of the day, would you rather:

    – Be protected from people who want to murder you,

    – *Not have people want to murder you*?

    This is a great thought but it’s a bandaid, not a solution.

  13. Egyptian revolution ? , Now I’m no history buff but why would Muslims need to be protected in a country where they are the majority ?.

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