41 thoughts on “Grandpa got a cochlea implant tattoo to be just like his grandson

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  2. Once the boy had grown, Grandpa turned his attention to stealing and selling Vibranium from Wakanda.

  3. Aww, I am hearing impaired myself and this is so important for that kid.

    I struggled with my hearing aids for a long time when I was little because they make you different. People notice it and I never met someone cool who also had them.

    Last year a teacher (a terrific one) came up to me and asked if I wanted to go “play” with her 6 year old daughter who has a cochlear implant. She apparently was also struggeling with it and I just could not say no.

    A year later she still asks for me sometimes and apparently when asked who she would marry the answer was “erebos_yeet”.

    My heart melted.

  4. What’s a cochlea implant ?

    Edit: Thank you everyone for explaining it to me but I think I got it now

    Second edit: Thanks for the upvotes guys

  5. In a couple of years, when technology has advanced and the device is no longer visible he will still have a badass tatoo

  6. So wait, a girl in my school has those things, do they like attach to the brain and do sound that way?

  7. Maybe now he too can have Stephen Fry gently tongue his coc-hlea.

    Just a little r/zeropunctuation reference for you.

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